Nuclear Jihad (Single)

Re-recorded in the desolation of Balochistan on a cold winter night alone.

Different recording gear was used on this track, the sound and production is different from the 2016 full length version.

Also there is an official video on Youtube, which can be viewed at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0jpuwb-VjUg


Demo VII - Transmigration of Lost Souls

10 Limited Edition Cd-R's
Written in the bleak autumn time and recorded in winters of 2015/2016 & released on the flood night of 25th june 2016.
All track are instrumental demo versions, complete tracks will appear in future full length albums.

Release date: 30th May 2016
Pro CD-R. A5 Handmade Digipak. Limited to 100 copies.
4 Page Booklet. First 30 copies comes with bonus 3" Pro CD-R which has a cover track from Burzum "Black spell of destruction"

Order here: www.rigorismprod.ru | rigorismprod@gmail.com

Demo IV - "I am here but my body has died", has been released in 7 bloodstained copies. This is the first of the series of two demos which is to be considered as a prelude to the next full length...


A Taarma Bandcamp website has been created, which includes rare and unreleased tracks... https://taarma.bandcamp.com

Taarma's new recording "Nuclear Jihad" is available on cassette by Eldritch Lunar Miasma... It is limited to 150 copies. "This is a vision of the world's demise through my eyes..." 78+ minutes of suffocating blackened doom ambience, brought forth by solitude and isolation...


The isolation has ended and Taarma emerges again from under the mountain's shadow.... "The Nightmares & The Death" is a split CD with KORIUM and will be unleashed shortly....

Also a full length CD has been recorded... It will be released when a suitable label is found...

Old news is a release between Taarma / Xerbittert on Rigorism Production... Limited to 100 CD-R's. See their website for more details.

... Await further news....

A number of limited edition releases have been hiding in the shadows of the underground these past few months... See the 'Elegies' section for details.

Another recording is being unearthed for release... It will be a limited edition EP entitled "The Cursed Journey".

BLACK METAL RITUAL RECORDS will re-release the following TAARMA recordings on cassette format:

TAARMA - sorrow of my ancestral spirits

TAARMA - demo II

TAARMA - ceremony of self-sacrifice

TAARMA - funeral rehearsal tape

TAARMA - beyond the cemetery gates

For more information visit http://www.blackmetalrituals.tk

In addition, a compilation called "compiling the wounds & scars" will be unleashed by GOAT MUSIC RECORDS: http://www.goatmusicrec.com.br

More information is that a Xasthur tribute release has been planned to be unearthed by Sabbathid records, who will release it on 500 cds, while Mistress of Dance records will release it on 250 limited edition tapes:  http://www.sabbathidrecords.cjb.net/


Taarma's second full length ritual entitled "Beyond the Cemetery Gates" has been released on MC format by Ancient Dreams Records... It is limited to 200 copies.


A limited edition t-shirt has been printed and is ONLY available through Taarma's website. It is limited to 25 copies, features an exclusive design (by Sinn of Dér / Black Arts) and is intended for the true supporters of Taarma's music.

Sizes L and XL available. 25 copies only. Prices are 13 GBP (UK) / 20 EUR (Europe) / 30 USD (Rest of World). Paypal is accepted. Contact jamie.smith2@hotmail.co.uk for more details and ordering.

Click here to view a .jpg image of the artwork (opens in new window).


A new CD-R has been self-released, entitled "Sakraath Ul Mauth". It has been limited to 10 copies.


A split MC with depressive Hungarian black metal act Dér has been released. It is limited to 100 sacrifices...


A new demo was created, entitled "Blades of Despair". It has been limited to 10 copies...


Taarma's debut CD "Remnants of a Tormenting Black Shadow" has been unearthed by Suffering Jesus Productions...


Taarma - "In Death I Submerge" 7" EP has been released by Legion of Death Records. It is limited to 300 hand numbered gravestones...