Taarma was born on a winter night in 1999, but the howlings remained dormant until 2003 when the 1st Demo single was recorded in 'Black Dungeon' studios, and in 2005 the sadness was finally unchained.

'Taarma' in ancient 'Brahvi language' means "Darkness".

The Genre is totally non existant in this part of the world!!!

The Project Taarma comes from the vast mountainious reigon of Balochistan, a land unfamiliar to the hateful sounds of the genre.

'Black Emperor Jogezai' is the originator of the entire Metal Movement in this area.
Taarma is the channel to Hatefull and Depressive Black metal accompanied by agonizing Howls and Screams, Lyrical Themes are mostly based upon Death\Winters\Depression & Human Despair.
Because of the complexed dark textured, hurtful feelings involved, channellised by a single soul its a pledge upon Darkness and Blood that 'TAARMA' shall Remain a 1 man craft till Its End.

'Infernal Hails by Black Emperor, to all those who have supported 'TAARMA'

"Only Sorrow Is Real"